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    Hi all, I am Miranda owner of Inner Circle Photography.

    <---- Yep, that is me crazy colored hair and all. I am a fun loving easy going type of girl, who is madly in love. I enjoy the little things in life and try to embrace every day for what it is. My business motto is Fun.Real.Love.

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    Much love, Miranda

Charles and Emilee MARRIED! Lovett Hall – The Henry Ford

Charles and Emilee‘s wedding was one for the books and while you are at it file it under perfect.

They started their wedding day at the Dearborn Inn hanging out with their bridal party and prepping.


The guys headed out back for some group photos…..


….while the girls headed to the church for some pictures!


The ceremony was beautiful!


After the ceremony we headed over to Greenfield Village for a Model T car ride and pictures!

I love that they chose to focus on just them for the car ride around the Village. I know I heard Emilee say a few times that this was her favorite moment of the day because they got to take time and just be with each other!


Martha-Mary Chapel…..where he proposed!


Charles and Emilee I LOVED your bridal party! You are blessed to surround yourselves with such amazing people!




Party Time!



Emilee and Charles your wedding was!!!!!

Much love, Miranda

August 26, 2014 - 3:11 pm

Nicole Metcalfe Nash - Amazing pictures!!! You can see the love on both their faces!!! :)

Hollis Family

We are all busy and life gets in the way – I get that. But for me I see the world of photography a little different in knowing what a family photo can mean to someone.

This is my public announcement to remind you all that you should stop putting it off and just do it!! :]

With that said years have passed since the Hollis Family’s last family photo session and I have been on Becky’s case for years! A few weeks ago she finally booked a session with me and we headed to a local park!

Crazy to think Ron and Becky have been married for over 12 years! I remember like it was yesterday standing up in their wedding!! So happy that Becky was able to stand up in my wedding 5 years later!


Alison channeling her inner Taylor Swift!


Email me at to book your session!!!

Much love, Miranda

Chris and Valerie MARRIED!

Valerie and Chris tied the knot last month in their backyard! They spent the last year working hard to get it all ready for their wedding and they sure did! I think the coolest part of their wedding day is that they can honestly say they spent their whole wedding day together and that is pretty amazing!

Chris got ready in the basement….


While Valerie got ready upstairs….


They chose to do a first look….




Valerie’s children, Julia and Craig played a big part in the wedding day!






.suited up.


We had some time before the ceremony so the bridal party played euchre.


As we were in the basement the clouds rolled in and everyone was worried a storm was coming in but it turned out to be a beautiful summer night!


At one point Footloose came on and everyone cleared the dance floor except Valerie and Chris. It was so great to see all of their guests surround the dance floor and cheer them on!


I know they partied the night away celebrating!!! I love backyard weddings and yours was one of my favorites!!

Much love, Miranda

Brett and Kay – Summer Engagement!

Brett and Kay decided to have two engagement sessions, you got to see the first one a few months back!

One of their pictures from that first session was chosen by TheKnot for a feature in their Fall/Winter Michigan magazine! I blogged about it here!


Brett loves working on old cars and I can tell that when he finishes this one it is going to be a real BEAUTY!


Check out that BLING on the tail light!


Now that you have been in front of my camera twice and even published……your October wedding is going to be extra amazing!

Much love, Miranda

Dan and Heather – Vow Renewal!

Dan met Heather in 1992 and it is said that he won her over on Labor Day by tossing a cooler of ice cold water on her!  By 1994 their wedding was taking place at United Methodist Church and St. Edwards Hall in Lakeport and that was that. 20 years have passed and Heather started talking about planning a surprise vow renewal trip to California and I was excited when she asked me to tag along and photograph it! She told Dan of her plans on Christmas Day this year and in June we were all flying to California!

Dan and Heather rented a beautiful house called Santa Margarita Inn in Fallbrook, CA and that is where their wedding day started!


An hour later we made it to Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, CA.


Dan’s older brother Vic performed the ceremony.


YAY for pocket tripods! I was able to run into the group picture!




After the ceremony we headed to Casa Guadalajara for some yummy mexican food!


I had a wonderful time and am so happy I was able to be there to capture your vow renewal!!!!

Much love, Miranda

August 13, 2014 - 9:15 pm

GC Pomante - GREAT PICS of my DEAR FRIENDS! Beautiful! Now that is FOREVER TRUE LOVE CAPTURED!! ♡♡♡