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To me family photos aren’t about the “perfect posed smiles”… is about being together and making a memory. Being REAL together and sometimes that means someone isn’t smiling…or someone is looking away….or someone’s hair might be out of place.  I know Kristen was worried about Claire not wanting to get her photo taken. She had told me all about how she had been prepping Claire all day and sure enough Claire was a little hesitant. But I felt confident enough that I would be able to at least get one good photo of Claire during the session! As Barney Stinson says, ” Challenge Accepted!”






Family photos aside……the session was really about Melanie and her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!





I love these family photos. They make me smile and I hope they did the same for you.

Much love, Miranda

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    The other day I met up with Jennifer and as we were chatting she mentioned how today was her first day being a full time photographer.

    Of course in my excitement for her I mentioned that at one point during the day she needed to take a moment to write down exactly how she feels right now. This way she can look back and have a memory of how she felt. I am so happy that I have blogs on October 22nd to look back on and to remind me how far I have come. Today I celebrate EIGHT years of being a full time photographer and I just went back and reread all of my blog posts celebrating this day.

    I wish I could go back to that day EIGHT years ago and just tell myself it will all be alright.  If I had wrote down my feelings it would have been a mix of wanting to vomit and disbelief and excitement.  {If you are new here let me give you a quick back story. I had a full time job and then I didn’t. I was let go. Strike that….I was fired AND it was the best thing to ever happen to me.} Ok now that we are caught up…. I was a mess on the outside but inside I was jumping for JOY! This was it. This was my chance to make something of myself. Here I am EIGHT years later still excited and wanting to make more of myself. I know all that I have done is wonderful but I am always wanting to push myself for more. Don’t get me wrong….it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Owning a business is hard. Like really FREAKING hard. Just a few Monday’s ago Dreea had to come over to help me get my head back on! PS Thanks Dreea for always being my sounding board. Everyday is a new challenge. Photography is what I like to call….a when in demand business. I never know when or who will want their photos taken and nothing is guaranteed!  Do I try to get over 15 weddings a year…..YES. Do I? NO. Not always. Would I like to have at least three sessions a week. YES. Do I? NO. Not always. When in demand means that my work flow is always up in the air. I never know how many weddings I will book or how many sessions. I can not predict when someone will decide when they want to spend their money on me. PS. I want everyone to spend their money on me…..DUH amazing photographs are the outcome and they help my shopping habits. ;] Just being REAL.


    {Photo by ShutterSam}

    Here are to many many more years of being real and taking amazing photos.

    Much love, Miranda

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      Some newborn shoots are harder than others…..emotionally speaking. Infertility is hard. But sometimes going through all those struggles and hopeless nights wondering why and when…..will end like this.

      And yet, Beth and Josh‘s story doesn’t end here….it is just the beginning.  As they say “and baby makes three.” They have waited years hoping to grow their family…….gosh feeling all the emotions now. Ok…..breath.

      They have waited years to grow their family in hopes of one day to welcome a baby into their home. They have gone through so much but thankfully that day has come. Everyone who knows Beth and Josh have so much love them and for Mr. Jourdan. He is a miracle. I can only pray that everyone gets their miracle in life.

      With that said…..

      Say Hello to Mr. Jourdan.




      I am SO freaking happy for you both. Mr. Jourdan… are amazing.

      Much love, Miranda

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        I am finally getting around to blogging my annual treat exchange! YAY! 2015 was year SIX!


        All the ladies starting arriving and dropping off their YUMMY TREATS!


        Once everyone has arrived we all go around selecting one of each treat! If there are some left over we go back for seconds…..I love SECONDS!


        Everyone is SO creative!!


        The winnnnners are……….


        I always forget to take a group photo!! Some people had left already before I remembered! Maybe this year I will remember!


        I love seeing all of you at the party! Makes my heart happy.  I always invite all of my brides (present and past) and even a few of their bridesmaids who have made an impression on me, plus some close friends and family!! So if you would like an invite to this year’s party….please let me know!  My wine and cheese party and this party are my little way of saying thank you for investing in my business!! :]

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        Much love, Miranda

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          Larry and Maria said I DO on August 20th, 2016 and I got to document the day!!


          Bridal Party FUN TIME!


          HELLO LADIES!




          BAR TIME!




          Party TIME!!


          Gosh it was a GREAT wedding!  Here is to many years of HAPPINESS!

          Much love, Miranda

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