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Kate and Lloyd MARRIED

Today’s blog tops any Casual Friday blog post……..

Kate and Lloyd were married in September of 2009 and since then, we have remained friends. I once saw Lloyd at work and waved franticly at him, slightly embarrassing my husband only to later find out Llyod didn’t even see me…..but I didn’t care because that is how much I adore them as a couple. I have even remained friends with their friends…even getting the honor of photographing several of their weddings! I know amazing people RIGHT???

So this brings me to today’s blog post, since 2009 Kate has been bothering no, stalking no, telling me no, nicely asking as to why I have not blogged her wedding. I would come up with excuses and she would kindly roll her eyes at me. Well today here I am BLOGGING their wedding.  We recently went to see a movie together and she made a comment something along the lines of “oh I know, cause my wedding isn’t good enough for your blog…” I almost CRIED – good thing it was dark and she couldn’t see my face….I felt HORRIBLE that she thought that! LIES! I remember their wedding day like it was yesterday. It was the wedding that changed how I shoot. It changed my style and how I interact with my clients… helped me see them as friends rather than just clients!!

Kate and Lloyd were married on September 6th, 2009 outside of Lovett Hall at the Henry Ford Museum. The weather was perfectly…, Lloyd was all smiles and Kate was simply stunning.

KLWed004 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed021 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed032 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed036 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed075 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterest

The Ceremony….

KLWed162 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed190 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed206 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed235 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed261 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed279 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterest

Bridal Party Time!!

KLWed294 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed304 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed311 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed350 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed322 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed349 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed332 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterest

The Reception….

KLWed363 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed110 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed409 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed445 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterestKLWed489 Kate and Lloyd MARRIEDpintopinterest

Thank you to Lloyd and Kate first and foremost for being my friend over just my clients.

You two are amazing and I am sorry it took me so long to blog your wedding day….but it was fun reliving it!!!

Much love, Miranda

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