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Moments In Time – BELOVED

I have had a few people ask me about a Moments In Time Beloved Session and they want to know exactly what it is and it is hard to just use one word to describe it….

I offered Erica and Earny one of my 2009 bride and grooms a free Moments In Time – Beloved session to try to get more people interested, after the session I asked them to give a little review….. “Above all, it was a lot of fun. The session provided a great way for Earny and I to just have some one on one time together amidst all the craziness of life. The session gave us the opportunity to re-vist our love that we share and forget about our worries and stresses for the moment. It was especially fun reminisce about our wedding!”

Beloved is a gift to yourself – a seeing of what’s always been, a revealing of what could be – Beloved is a place to remember why you fell in love – Beloved is a heart-centric, imagination-rich, multi-sensory connection experience – Beloved means falling in love again. and again. and again – Beloved is like a great first date – Beloved is a rekindling experience – Beloved is a chance to tell the ones we love how much they matter to us – Beloved is a rediscovery of the one you fell in love with – Beloved is a way to remember what should never be forgotten – Beloved is about removing the distance that builds between people – Beloved is about creating a language that helps people who love each other find their way home.


It all starts with an invitation……..

ErnicaBeloved005 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved007 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterest

…but it is what you choose to do with that invitation that makes the photos….

ErnicaBeloved010 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved016 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved019 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved024 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved032 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterest

….there are silly, happy ones and then there are the more serious and intimate ones……

ErnicaBeloved051 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterest

ErnicaBeloved009 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved035 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved044 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterest

…it allows you to laugh with the one you love, openly…..

ErnicaBeloved047 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterest

….it allows you to really show how you feel, with a look or a touch……

ErnicaBeloved057 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved059 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved061 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved064 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterestErnicaBeloved070 Moments In Time - BELOVEDpintopinterest

 Beloved is an experience of the heart that gives truth a voice, gives relationships strength, gives love flight.

Thank you Ernica for putting so much trust in me, and for giving to each other so willingly. Here is to many years of happiness and love.

Much love, Miranda

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