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Andrew Newborn

Earny and Erica {Ernica} welcomed Baby Andrew into the world on August 19th!!!! Before they headed home I stopped at the hospital for a quick visit!

AndrewNEWBORN014 Andrew NewbornpintopinterestAndrewNEWBORN031 Andrew Newbornpintopinterest

A week later I visited their home for some adorable photos of Andrew and his parents!AndrewNEWBORN048 Andrew NewbornpintopinterestAndrewNEWBORN068 Andrew NewbornpintopinterestAndrewNEWBORN053 Andrew NewbornpintopinterestAndrewNEWBORN078 Andrew NewbornpintopinterestAndrewNEWBORN057 Andrew NewbornpintopinterestAndrewNEWBORN088 Andrew Newbornpintopinterest

Big brother Switch was super excited……..

AndrewNEWBORN077 Andrew Newbornpintopinterest

.love. him so much already!!! Can’t wait to photograph him growing up!

AndrewNEWBORN093 Andrew Newbornpintopinterest

I LOVE seeing Erica and Earny’s family grow!

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Much love, Miranda

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