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Newborn Benjamin!

Jeff and Megan welcomed their son, Benjamin into the world on April 11th, 2014!

BenjaminNEWBORN074 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterest

Benjamin Michael

7lbs 4oz

BenjaminNEWBORN007 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterest

Megan, motherhood looks amazing on you……

BenjaminNEWBORN045 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterestBenjaminNEWBORN021 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterestBenjaminNEWBORN070 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterestBenjaminNEWBORN027 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterest

Such a proud Daddy!!

BenjaminNEWBORN079 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterestBenjaminNEWBORN035 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterestBenjaminNEWBORN040 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterestBenjaminNEWBORN056 Newborn Benjamin!pintopinterest

So excited to watch this little one grow!!!

Much love, Miranda

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  • Kellie Galer

    These are perfect, Miranda!! Little Monster, and his Mom and Dad, make my heart burst…❤️❤️❤️

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