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Josh and Jen ENGAGED!

I met up with Josh and Jen last month for their engagement pictures and it was all smiles and laughter!

JoshJenENGAGED011 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED017 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED002 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED053 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED047 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterest

For this photo I stood on the log they were sitting on….second later I was falling and sitting next to Josh with my camera jammed into my chin!!  OUCH! We all had a good laugh!

JoshJenENGAGED040 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED061 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterest


JoshJenENGAGED058 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED039 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED027 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED025 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterestJoshJenENGAGED066 Josh and Jen ENGAGED!pintopinterest

I am excited for their wedding next January!

Much love, Miranda

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