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 One of my favorite couples welcomed a baby girl into their family last month!!

Meet Grace.GraceNEWBORN052 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterestGraceNEWBORN041 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterestGraceNEWBORN062 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterestGraceNEWBORN056 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterest

For her brother Andrew’s newborn photos we used his Dad’s guitar case and for Miss Grace we used her Mom’s pearl necklace she wore on her wedding day! Love the little touches!

GraceNEWBORN072 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterest

Andrew is super excited to be a BIG BROTHER.  Also this was his first time really holding Grace and he did a wonderful job!

GraceNEWBORN029 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterest

YAY for family photos!!!

GraceNEWBORN028 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterestGraceNEWBORN004 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterestGraceNEWBORN011 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterestGraceNEWBORN012 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterestGraceNEWBORN016 Grace NEWBORNpintopinterest

I can not say it enough how much I adore this family! So excited to see it growing and being the one to capture it all!!!

Engagement :: Wedding :: Beloved :: Maternity :: Newborn :: 6 Months :: 1 YR

Much love, Miranda

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