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Izabelle NEWBORN

Welcome Izabelle!!!!!!

lzabelleSimmsNEWBORN014 Izabelle NEWBORNpintopinterestlzabelleSimmsNEWBORN005 Izabelle NEWBORNpintopinterestlzabelleSimmsNEWBORN040 Izabelle NEWBORNpintopinterest

Her brother sported the same cute grey bear outfit for his newborn shoot!

lzabelleSimmsNEWBORN025 Izabelle NEWBORNpintopinterest

Benjamin is SO excited to be a big brother!!!!

lzabelleSimmsNEWBORN079 Izabelle NEWBORNpintopinterest

Megan and Jeff share in Benjamin’s excitement!

lzabelleSimmsNEWBORN053 Izabelle NEWBORNpintopinterestlzabelleSimmsNEWBORN066 Izabelle NEWBORNpintopinterest

Beyond happy for you guys!!  Happy little family of FOUR!!!!!!  Crazy!!!

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Much love, Miranda

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