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Brett and Kay are gracing the blog again BUT this time they have a Mia!!!

brettkaymiaSESS005 Brett+Kay+MiapintopinterestbrettkaymiaSESS013 Brett+Kay+MiapintopinterestbrettkaymiaSESS017 Brett+Kay+MiapintopinterestbrettkaymiaSESS022 Brett+Kay+Miapintopinterest


brettkaymiaSESS027 Brett+Kay+MiapintopinterestbrettkaymiaSESS032 Brett+Kay+MiapintopinterestbrettkaymiaSESS037 Brett+Kay+MiapintopinterestbrettkaymiaSESS039 Brett+Kay+MiapintopinterestbrettkaymiaSESS048 Brett+Kay+Miapintopinterest

So freaking cute!!!

Engaged I :: Engaged II :: Wedding

Much love, Miranda

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