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Tessa :: Three

Tessa is THREE!!! This year we opted to go to the ZOO for her yearly photos! I love the images we got from the session… are some of my favorites!

Tessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_021 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_004 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_007 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_011 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_049 Tessa :: Threepintopinterest

The world is so BIG. I loved seeing the ZOO through her eyes.

Tessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_037 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_031 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_042 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_044 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_036 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_025 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_054 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_028 Tessa :: ThreepintopinterestTessa_3_InnerCirclePhoto_061 Tessa :: Threepintopinterest

We had a blast. I love it when clients want to explore!

Much love, Miranda

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