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Josh and Sarah welcomed their baby girl into the world on July 4th, 2017. How cute is that….a 4th of July BABY!!!!

lucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_009 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_012 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterest

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

lucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_002 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_017 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_006 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_020 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_022 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterest

Proud Mom and Dad!!!!

lucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_027 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_029 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterest

A baby dressed as a UNICORN!!????! How Freaking CUTE!

Much love, Miranda


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