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Bella :: SENIOR 2018

HELLO 2018 SENIOR BELLA!! We had a wonderful Senior session with Bella in Grosse Pointe and Detroit!  Before her personal shoot we had a bunch of her Senior friends join us for a Best Friends Shoot. We had a blast!!! Here are her session highlights!!!

Bella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_003 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterestBella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_028 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterestBella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_020 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterest


Bella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_025 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterest


Bella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_010 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterestBella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_024 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterestBella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_016 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterestBella_SENIOR18_InnerCirclePhoto_012 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterest

And here is one of the photos from her BEST FRIENDS SESSION!!!

FRIENDS_2017_InnerCirclePhoto_020 Bella :: SENIOR 2018pintopinterest

Happy SENIOR YEAR!!!!!!

Much love, Miranda

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