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Pinter Family!! 2017

Hello Pinter Family!!  Good to see you guys again!! This is my third or is it the Fourth year in a row of photographing them!!??? Still I get excited every time.  Here are some of my favorites…….

Pinter17_sess_InnerCirclePhoto_005 Pinter Family!! 2017pintopinterestPinter17_sess_InnerCirclePhoto_006 Pinter Family!! 2017pintopinterestPinter17_sess_InnerCirclePhoto_031 Pinter Family!! 2017pintopinterestPinter17_sess_InnerCirclePhoto_019 Pinter Family!! 2017pintopinterestPinter17_sess_InnerCirclePhoto_012 Pinter Family!! 2017pintopinterestPinter17_sess_InnerCirclePhoto_027 Pinter Family!! 2017pintopinterestPinter17_sess_InnerCirclePhoto_054 Pinter Family!! 2017pintopinterest

Thank you guys for always making me laugh!!!!

Much love, Miranda

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