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Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSU

Tom and Heather’s engagement session was soooo close to being canceled because of the weather!!  I swear we have had a wonderful fall so far and now we are dealing with rain and gloomy days!!  Please be better by Halloween!!! Anyways! We met up at Michigan State University for their session!!! I haven’t been there in forever. They had a plan and it was wonderful! It was fun doing their photos in the place where they MET!!! Here are some of my favorites!!

tomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_025 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_012 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_013 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_018 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_026 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_048 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_055 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_059 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_062 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinterest

It was great meeting Tom and seeing Heather again! Last time I got to hang with Heather was at her sister’s wedding!

See you all at the WEDDING!!!!

Much love, Miranda

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