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James + Shea MARRIED!

James and Shea had an amazing wedding. The venue (his parents home) was perfect!!  The weather was great and all the guest had good time!!! I call that a WIN!

Here is their wedding sneak peek!!!

001 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

Shea put so much time and energy into every detail!!!!!

036 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest004 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest008 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest009 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest011 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest014 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

First look TIME!

016 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest017 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest019 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest022 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest023 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest024 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest025 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest026 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest027 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest029 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest030 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest032 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest034 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest033 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

I DOs!

037 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

The shot of alcohol before the vows was PERFECT!

038 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest042 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

When they walked down the aisle they walked straight to the boat for a little cruise!! It was perfect! The right amount of alone time after all the craziness!!

049 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest046 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest054 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest052 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest059 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest055 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest062 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest073 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest064 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest065 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest075 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest076 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

These last photos were amazing before I took off!!! I had a blast celebrating their wedding day! Congrats to you both SOOOOOOO much!!

Much Love, Miranda

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