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Jens Family :: 2017

It feels just like yesterday it was Valerie and Chris’s wedding!! Since then they added two more kids!! Here they are for their annual family photo!

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_016 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Miss Avery

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_011 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Miss Aubry

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_002 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Miss Julia

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_009 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Mr. Craig

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_004 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Chris and Valerie

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_040 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterestjens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_028 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterestjens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_020 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterestjens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_029 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

I adore this family!!


Much love, Miranda

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