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Miloian Family :: 2017

Bev and Shawn’s family is on the blog today!!!  So happy to have them back…..also they added a new family member!!!! Congrats!!  We had fun trying to keep our voices down inside the Detroit Library! HA! Here are some of my favorites!!!!

Hello Archer!!!

miloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_011 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterest

miloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_010 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_051 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_031 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_036 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_045 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterest

First professional family photo of everyone!!! YAY!

miloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_017 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_056 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_081 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_086 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_064 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_074 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_069 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterest

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Much love, Miranda

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