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Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Wedding

I met with Marissa and Jon over a Skype session last year and I knew I wanted to be their wedding photographer right away.  Marissa bubbly personality and Jon’s little quips made me smile. And just like that their wedding day was here before I knew it.  I was happy for their wedding for so many extra reasons….. I got to stay with Stephanie and Matt for the quick visit. I got to work with Meghan AND I got to have Beanie with me!  So much excitement!! Here are my favorite images from the day!!

JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_011 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_035 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest

First look with your father…..YES PLEASE.

JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_075 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_097 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_121 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_148 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_222 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_209 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_248 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_216 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_232 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_228 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_304 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_307 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_302 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_290 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_295 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest


JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_347 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest

.party time.

JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_389 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_413 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_422 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_451 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_453 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_454 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_476 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_495 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_569 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest

The wedding was an amazing PARTY. So happy for Jon and Marissa!!   Thank you for having me come to Chicago for your wedding!

Much love, Miranda

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