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Simms Family :: 2018 :: Clinton Township, Michigan

I got to hang out with the Simms Family last month!! I love love love seeing them. We had to reschedule a few times because of their schedule and finally they were like can we just come to you and whatever park is close to you is fine.  So that is what they did on the holiday weekend at 5pm at George George Park. When we left Jeff and Megan both said, “if the best photo we get is the kids on our shoulders we are happy with that.” It reminded me that not all family photos are the “picture perfect” kind. Sometimes they are all about the kids being kids, not looking at the camera, no smiles and messy hair. With that said I give you the Simms Family 2018! I still love them! :]


They changed into some LuLaRoe clothes at the end because Megan is a consultant!!


See you all soon and thank you for the yummy dinner!!!

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Much love, Miranda

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