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I have been trying for SIX months to write down what has been going on in my life and coming up empty handed. End of July 2017, I was caught off guard with being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Encephalitis (HE). We had just been in Disney celebrating 10 years of marriage what an amazing time. Then we came home to go on our annual camping trip for a week! We had amazing and very full two weeks only to come home not feeling well. I kind of thought Adam had brought me home some rare cold from China. My head was hurting, my eyesight was weird and every now and then my hands, face and arms would go numb. After an eye visit I was at Target and my face started to go numb. I freaked. As I walked out of the store my left side of my face was numb along with my hands. I tried to call Adam who was working from home. I couldn’t speak. He just kept saying he couldn’t understand me. I just kept repeating myself. But nothing. Finally I tried texting him. “I’m at Target come get me ASAP.” I felt as if I was having a stroke. He got me and we went straight to the ER. After a long while they finally sent me home saying it was a migraine. I went to see my family doctor and he concurred. Still not feeling quite right I decided to just go with that. But then I started not eating and vomiting. I mean cool, right? I was just so tired. I’m the type of person who when feels sick just tries to block it out and just continue living life and not taking a break in my busy schedule. So, I tried to do that. On July 29th I woke up with double vision. Couldn’t wear my glasses so I really couldn’t see. I tried to just deal with it but finally Adam took me back to the ER. They admitted me after a few hours. I was in the hospital for FIVE days.
I wish you could understand how freaking scared I was. At first they told me I might have cancer!? MS!?! Or some other disease! Come to find out that what it really was is a rare disease called HE. While in the hospital Adam took such good care of me. He definitely was there for me for better or the worse and in sickness and in health. He is a good man. I am very thankful for him.  My brain went through so much. I’m still having moments where I cannot remember things. That sucks. I had to have a spinal tap right away and then two MRIs and a cat scan. Everything came back and they just kept checking things off there “NOPE NOT IT” list. Finally, they decided it was HE. Right away, I went on a high dose of steroids to fix it! Two more days and on August 2nd they let me go home.
Things were a little fuzzy when I was in the hospital, so I don’t remember all that much.
I didn’t really tell people I was in the hospital because of all the unknowing and confusion. But I did have many visitors which made me happy. Thank you for being there for me. After going home, I had to take pill form of steroids for a few weeks and then I was much better. Since then I hadn’t had many issues. Only two real numb and loss of words moments.
I did finally edit all my vlogs from that time. So weird all the days missed and what I managed to capture is a weird mix of all sorts of things… brain was lost. It just needed time to fix itself.
{Here are the videos from around that time….mind you I skipped a bunch of days and never really explained what was going on….they are what they are.}
Fast forward five months and in December the top of my left eye suddenly went black. I saw the eye doctor and then my brain specialist again. Yay for another MRI. Those machines are SO LOUD. In reviewing the scans and comparing them to July, my brain looks much better. Still some lesions and white matter hanging around. Steroids were prescribed again and my eyesight should be just fine. No trouble with taking photos though! I shoot out of both eyes so no issue here!!
In January 2018, I finally got to leave the country to travel.  We had plans to go to Greece in September 2017 but the Doctors said not to go yet. The trip to Nicaragua was wonderful and I had ZERO issues. A huge relief.  At the end of February I get to start the steroids to fix my left eye.
Thank you for all the kind words. Much love, Miranda
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    IMG_8262 Out of the COUNTRY.pintopinterest

    My new big adventure has come!  Adam surprised me with booking a trip to Nicaragua with some friends of ours. Nicaragua!!  What? YEP. Why you might be asking…..well our friend Alex has been there a few times before and we decided to join in.  My first thought was where are we staying? Hostels? Wait what? My first response was ” I’m not in my 20’s anymore, Adam!” He got a good laugh and talked me down off my ledge.

    So for the next 10 days I will be exploring and having fun in Nicaragua!!

    I’m excited for what is to come!!

    Much love, Miranda

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      I met with Marissa and Jon over a Skype session last year and I knew I wanted to be their wedding photographer right away.  Marissa bubbly personality and Jon’s little quips made me smile. And just like that their wedding day was here before I knew it.  I was happy for their wedding for so many extra reasons….. I got to stay with Stephanie and Matt for the quick visit. I got to work with Meghan AND I got to have Beanie with me!  So much excitement!! Here are my favorite images from the day!!

      JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_011 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_035 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest

      First look with your father…..YES PLEASE.

      JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_075 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_097 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_121 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_148 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_222 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_209 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_248 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_216 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_232 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_228 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_304 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_307 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_302 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_290 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_295 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest


      JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_347 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest

      .party time.

      JonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_389 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_413 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_422 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_451 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_453 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_454 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_476 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_495 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago WeddingpintopinterestJonMarissa_CHI_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_569 Jon + Marissa :: Chicago Weddingpintopinterest

      The wedding was an amazing PARTY. So happy for Jon and Marissa!!   Thank you for having me come to Chicago for your wedding!

      Much love, Miranda

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        A few weeks ago I got to hang out with Chris and Lauren in Detroit!!  Here are some of my favorites from their session!

        chrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_008 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_015 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_028 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_032 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_039 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_045 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_073 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_049 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_056 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_059 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_070 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_076 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_089 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterestchrislauren_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_085 Chris+Lauren :: ENGAGED! Detroit Winter Sessionpintopinterest

        Excited for your 2018 wedding!! WOO!

        Much love, Miranda

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          Bev and Shawn’s family is on the blog today!!!  So happy to have them back…..also they added a new family member!!!! Congrats!!  We had fun trying to keep our voices down inside the Detroit Library! HA! Here are some of my favorites!!!!

          Hello Archer!!!

          miloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_011 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterest

          miloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_010 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_051 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_031 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_036 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_045 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterest

          First professional family photo of everyone!!! YAY!

          miloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_017 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_056 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_081 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_086 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_064 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_074 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterestmiloianfam17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_069 Miloian Family :: 2017pintopinterest

          2012 :: 2013 :: 2015

          Much love, Miranda

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