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This time last year I was photographing five newborns all in the same week….only fitting a year later to be photographing three 1 year olds!! Second up but first blogged was Mr. Ethan!!

Ethan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_006 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_009 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_013 Ethan :: 1 Year Sessionpintopinterest

Ethan’s sisters joined in for one perfect everyone smiling photo!! :]

Ethan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_064 Ethan :: 1 Year Sessionpintopinterest

Ethan’s newborn photos if you remember had a little to do with airplanes….so we had to do something like that for his 1 year photos!

Ethan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_021 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_022 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_024 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_028 Ethan :: 1 Year Sessionpintopinterest

His cake smash was sooooo good!

Ethan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_031 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_044 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_045 Ethan :: 1 Year SessionpintopinterestEthan1YR_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_058 Ethan :: 1 Year Sessionpintopinterest

Crazy to think Ethan is a year old!! But YAY!!  Suzie threw him a airplane 1st birthday party this weekend and it was adorable!!!!

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Much love, Miranda

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I’ve been doing this since 2003 and I feel like a change is needed.  I have grown so much over the years and have really found ME.  In the coming month(or two) I will be launching a new website and LOGO.  I am so excited to share them with you.  I have had lots of good comments about the new logo too….so that is good!

A lot of thought went into the look for the new site and logo… I hope you like it!!  I know I DO!  Anything you with this site had or didn’t have?

Much love, Miranda

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Mr. Dylan has a SISTER!!! Meet Miss Lucie!
LuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_031 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_051 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_037 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_060 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_042 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_048 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_013 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterest

It was nice to see Lucie’s eyes open for the family photos!!

LuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_006 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_007 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_019 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterest

Love this one because everyone is smiling!

LuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_023 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_027 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterestLuceyG_newborn_2018_InnerCirclePhoto_024 Lucie NEWBORN!pintopinterest

Happy Family!!!! Love seeing my clients families GROW!!!

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Much love, Miranda

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Jeff and Lauren wanted some family fun photos of them playing in the SNOW with the KIDS!!MartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_002 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_006 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_010 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_039 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_041 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_050 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_053 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_060 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_080 The Martin FamilypintopinterestMartinFamily_18Winter_InnerCirclePhoto_075 The Martin Familypintopinterest

I love how these turned out! Super quick too!  I thought that was the last snowfall…..until yesterday! WHAT? Why?  **Think: SPRING SPRING SPRING**

Much love, Miranda

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