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I was editing some pictures this weekend from the past months sessions…I came across some personal pictures I just loved.
I want to share with you what I see in the world around me.  As some of you know I love the sky and the randomness of life. 
Sometime when I am driving I daze off and look at the sky.
wait…..I am a really good driver trust me! hee hee.
Here are a few images of me either driving or waiting for a session to start…..heck maybe a few in the middle of a session too!!

Happy FALL! It won’t be like this for long….winter is almost here.
dsc-0001a in my eyes.
dsc-0003a in my eyes.
dsc-0154a in my eyes.dsc-0288a in my eyes.
dsc-0203a in my eyes.
dsc-0020a in my eyes.
dsc-0208a in my eyes.


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I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped in for the open house either on Saturday or Sunday.
Both days were a success for getting the new studio space out there. 
A special thanks for my family and friends who helped me out this weekend to make it a success.  I love you all.
Here are some pictures from the open house weekend.
Taken with my P&S camera before the madness!
pa240011a Thank you!
Here are two images of kiddios I got permission from their parents to post!
The others are super cute! Parents when you see them, give me the OK to post them on the blog!
dsc-0530 Thank you!dsc-0612 Thank you!

dsc-0113 Thank you!
When it was packed I forgot about taking pictures……so here it is not so full!
dsc-0125 Thank you!
dsc-0114 Thank you!
Fun Candy Buffet!
dsc-0144 Thank you!
J & M came to celebrate with us!
dsc-0148 Thank you!
Frank Wasung is the best real estate agent ever!
dsc-0157 Thank you!

Thank you again to all!!!


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Normally I stay away from politics but seeing this is such a major election.  I urge you to go and VOTE!  This will be my first time voting and I am very nervous…..but there are a lot of site out there to help you. Like
 Plus standing in long lines to get your voice heard is cool. :]

Here is another one of those “don’t vote” videos….which I have come to love!

Don’t Vote 2 – The Sequel

Everyone just remember your vote counts. So get out there and “don’t vote.”  –  NOT!
Oh I love borat……


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  • jeffreysimms

    I just found this on your blog and watched it with 3 of my coworkers.