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It feels just like yesterday it was Valerie and Chris’s wedding!! Since then they added two more kids!! Here they are for their annual family photo!

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_016 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Miss Avery

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_011 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Miss Aubry

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_002 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Miss Julia

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_009 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Mr. Craig

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_004 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

Chris and Valerie

jens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_040 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterestjens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_028 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterestjens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_020 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterestjens_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_029 Jens Family :: 2017pintopinterest

I adore this family!!


Much love, Miranda

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    James and Shea had an amazing wedding. The venue (his parents home) was perfect!!  The weather was great and all the guest had good time!!! I call that a WIN!

    Here is their wedding sneak peek!!!

    001 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

    Shea put so much time and energy into every detail!!!!!

    036 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest004 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest008 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest009 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest011 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest014 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

    First look TIME!

    016 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest017 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest019 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest022 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest023 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest024 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest025 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest026 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest027 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest029 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest030 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest032 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest034 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest033 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

    I DOs!

    037 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

    The shot of alcohol before the vows was PERFECT!

    038 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest042 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

    When they walked down the aisle they walked straight to the boat for a little cruise!! It was perfect! The right amount of alone time after all the craziness!!

    049 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest046 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest054 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest052 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest059 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest055 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest062 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest073 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest064 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest065 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest075 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest076 James + Shea MARRIED!pintopinterest

    These last photos were amazing before I took off!!! I had a blast celebrating their wedding day! Congrats to you both SOOOOOOO much!!

    Much Love, Miranda

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      Tom and Heather’s engagement session was soooo close to being canceled because of the weather!!  I swear we have had a wonderful fall so far and now we are dealing with rain and gloomy days!!  Please be better by Halloween!!! Anyways! We met up at Michigan State University for their session!!! I haven’t been there in forever. They had a plan and it was wonderful! It was fun doing their photos in the place where they MET!!! Here are some of my favorites!!

      tomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_025 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_012 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_013 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_018 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_026 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_048 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_055 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_059 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinteresttomheather_ENG_InnerCirclePhoto_062 Tom and Heather ENGAGED!! MSUpintopinterest

      It was great meeting Tom and seeing Heather again! Last time I got to hang with Heather was at her sister’s wedding!

      See you all at the WEDDING!!!!

      Much love, Miranda

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        Hello!!!! So good to see you all again!! Crazy that it has been a year since I last saw you!!  Enjoy a few highlights from their 2017 family photos!!

        I love this first photo sooooo much. Crazy to see how much Aubrey has grown!

        cummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_004 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_001 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_040 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_012 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_009 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_015 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_019 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_043 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_029 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_024 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_032 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterestcummins_17family_InnerCirclePhoto_045 Channing+Jen+Aubrey :: 2017pintopinterest

        Love it when I get to see you guys!!!!!  Those smiles!! Gahhhh!

        Much love, Miranda

        Engaged :: Wedding :: Aubrey Newborn :: 1YR

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