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Keith and Kristin said I do surrounded by their closest family and friends on 4th OF JULY!!!!keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_003 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterest

keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_150 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterest

keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_006 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterest

The reception was held first at Rix’s Rooftop in Port Huron!!

keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_017 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_027 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_035 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterest

Their kids were their bridal party!! How adorable!!!

keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_038 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_039 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_053 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_060 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterest

They had their reception on Huron Lady II on the WATER!!! AND a sunset ceremony!!

keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_068 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_078 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_082 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_083 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestkeithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_087 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterest

The ceremony was performed by Keith’s brother, Adam.  I photographed Adam and his wife, Karla in 2012!

keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_114 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterest

They said their I DOs as the sun was setting. So after the ceremony we hung out on the boat and watched the Port Huron Firework display!!!

keithkristin_wed_InnerCirclePhoto_161 Keith+Kristin MARRIED!pintopinterestThe night was beautiful!! So happy to be their and capture you wonderful wedding day!!!!!!

Much love, Miranda

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    Jack had his senior photos taken at his house a few weeks ago!  Two years ago his brother, Scott’s senior photos were taken…it was hanging out with the family again!

    jack_17senior_InnerCirclePhoto_007 Jack :: SENIORpintopinterestjack_17senior_InnerCirclePhoto_013 Jack :: SENIORpintopinterestjack_17senior_InnerCirclePhoto_015 Jack :: SENIORpintopinterestjack_17senior_InnerCirclePhoto_016 Jack :: SENIORpintopinterestjack_17senior_InnerCirclePhoto_027 Jack :: SENIORpintopinterestjack_17senior_InnerCirclePhoto_034 Jack :: SENIORpintopinterest

    Both senior photos was lots of fun!!! So happy I got to hang out with your family!!

    Happy SENIOR YEAR!

    Much love, Miranda


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      I have been lucky enough to watch Christina and Bob’s marriage grow along with their family!!  I can not believe Dylan is a year old already! Crazy! We met up the other day for his 1 year photos on Belle Isle!

      Dylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_002 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterestDylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_010 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterestDylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_021 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterestDylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_019 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterestDylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_018 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterestDylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_013 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterestDylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_005 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterestDylan1_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_009 Dylan 1 YEAR OLD!pintopinterest

      Such a smiley boy!!! And those TEETH!! How freaking cute?!?!?!??

      engaged :: wedding :: maternity :: newborn

      See you all soon!!

      Much love, Miranda

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        Josh and Sarah welcomed their baby girl into the world on July 4th, 2017. How cute is that….a 4th of July BABY!!!!

        lucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_009 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_012 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterest

        Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

        lucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_002 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_017 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_006 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_020 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_022 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterest

        Proud Mom and Dad!!!!

        lucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_027 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterestlucyM_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_029 Lucy NEWBORNpintopinterest

        A baby dressed as a UNICORN!!????! How Freaking CUTE!

        Much love, Miranda


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          Donny and Megan welcomed their daughter into the world on July 12th, 2017!!! Here are her session highlights!!

          realunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_001 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterestrealunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_016 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterest

          Hello DEER!

          realunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_008 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterest

          Every Deer needs a friend called Thumper!!

          realunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_012 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterestrealunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_019 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterest

          On her Dad’s childhood toy chest!

          realunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_042 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterestrealunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_023 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterestrealunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_029 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterestrealunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_036 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterestrealunn_newborn_InnerCirclePhoto_044 RaeLynn NEWBORNpintopinterest

          Yay family!!!

          Much love, Miranda


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