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John, Lauren and the boys joined us again for another #BartkHopkFamilyVacation this time our travels took us to the Traverse City area.

We rented a house in Northport and it was picture perfect. The sunrise and sunset was beautiful and we loved having the beach right out the back door. Adam, John and Lauren loved the fire on the beach and I had a blast journaling and sleeping! It was a great vacation. Just like last year we opted to do some family photos here are some of the trip highlights (real camera and iphone) and John and Lauren’s family photos!

BARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_004 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_006 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_008 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_014 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_015 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_017 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_018 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_022 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_024 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_026 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_031 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_041 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_045 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_053 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_094 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_085 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestBARTK17_SESS_InnerCirclePhoto_039 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family Vacationpintopinterest

IMG_5593 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestIMG_3923 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestIMG_5637 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestIMG_5647 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestIMG_5731 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family VacationpintopinterestIMG_5760 John+Lauren+Jack+Benny - Northport Family Vacationpintopinterest

We had so much fun and are already planning our 2018 family trip!!

Much love, Miranda

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    MIR_8777 7-7-07 :: TEN YEARS LATERpintopinterest

    10 years.

    I remember that I met you right before my 17th birthday. I remember being excited that you were coming to my birthday party. I remember you telling me you were jealous because I was hanging out on the hammock with a friend and not with you.  I remember our first date a few weeks later.  I remember that first kiss. I remember you asking me to be your girlfriend. I remember 8 months later you asking for my hand in marriage.I remember our AIM conversations and LiveJournal comments. I remember our first trip together. Disney. I remember that cheap motel and janky bus. I remember you fighting for me. I remember our first condo. I remember those rough days. I remember your support. I remember our handfasting in front of all our friends. I remember you turning 21 and being sad I couldn’t go into the bar with you! I remember buying our first house. I remember our wedding day. The way you looked in that tux. I remember holding you during our first dance. I remember our family surrounding us with love. I remember you building a life for us. Working like a crazy man. I remember our honeymoon and the white sand. I remember losing my job and you saying it would be ok. I remember you pushing me for greatness. I remember moving to royal oak. I remember those dark days. I remember you fighting for me. I remember our love. I remember moving to the Loretta house. I remember that epic bobble head failure and how we laughed for days. I remember happy days and parties. I remember countless trips. I remember renewing our vows. I remember cheering you on graduating from college. I remember moving into our dream home. I remember making this house ours. I remember you.
    I love that we still continue to grow together. I love your endless support. I love you for the sacrifices you have made for us. Some days are hard but I fight for you. I fight for us. When you leave I still miss you. I’m still excited when you come home. 10 years. All the memories. I always try to remember the good ones over the bad ones. I love you more today than yesterday and I’m happy I chose you to spend my life with. Even though I like to think you say no more than yes, I cherish those yeses and make the most of them. You give me everything and more.
    This year is a Magic year….so happy to be spending it with you in the most magical place. A trip back to Disney…just the two of us like we did all those years ago. Thank you for the surprise. You always keep me on my toes.
    Happy 10 YEARS.
    Much love, Miranda
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      Pat and Rachel had a beautiful wedding day and Frankenmuth was the perfect setting. They got ready at Bavarian Inn and their ceremony was in the indoor courtyard.

      PatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_007 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterest

      First looks with Dads!!  WIN.

      PatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_040 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_056 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_072 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_115 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterest

      For bridal party pictures we walked around Main street!

      PatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_151 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_158 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_169 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_165 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_164 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_156 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_146 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_235 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_212 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_201 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_247 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_269 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterest


      PatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_189 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_231 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_186 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterest


      PatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_277 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_281 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterest
      PatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_286 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_289 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_318 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_323 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_329 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_376 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterest


      PatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_481 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_432 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_354 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterestPatRachel_WED_InnerCirclePhoto_401 Pat and Rachel MARRIED!pintopinterest

      Gosh. It was such a great day!

      So happy for you guys!

      Much love, Miranda



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        I was so happy when James emailed me to put my ninja skills to work photographing his proposal to Abby! Even more happy when I found out he wanted to do it at The War Memorial because I love that place so much!

        I had Dani come with me so I could act as if I was photographing her…..once they showed up everything got REAL….real quick!

        jamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_002 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterestjamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_014 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterest

        SHE SAID YES!

        jamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_017 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterestjamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_027 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterest

        This is when he said….Oh this is Miranda….

        jamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_028 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterest

        Abby really thought I was there talking senior photos of Dani. (btw Dani was flattered that Abby thought she was that young! ha)

        jamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_030 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterest

        We did a quick circle of the grounds for some photos!

        jamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_032 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterestjamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_034 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterestjamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_036 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterestjamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_038 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterestjamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_047 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterestjamesabby_PROPOSAL_InnerCirclePhoto_053 James and Abby - She said YES! PROPOSAL!pintopinterest

        I hope dinner at the Whitney was delicious! Have fun tonight celebrating with family and friends! Cheers!

        Much love, Miranda


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